When my dad told me he was going to America to visit his brother, I decided I wanted to go with him. Not only did it mean I’d be able to see my uncle who I hadn’t seen in at least 15 years, but it also meant I got to see some American Cupcakes!!! 

A quick recap of the things that I found amazing… Cupcake ATMs, Micky Mouse Ice-Cream Sandwiches, Disneyland, gambling in Vegas, Hooters, Blue Cheese Dressing (I HATE blue cheese, yet loved this), Forever 21, horse riding in North Carolina, going out on the boat in the lake, 2 litre bottles of alcohol for ridiculously cheap, watching gangs at Santa Monica Pier, going on the set of Ellen – even though she wasn’t there, chilli fries – I did not like them, bacon ice-cream sundaes, bacon with everything, portion sizes – crazy.

I think I ate enough ice-cream to last me a long long time!!


So much Candy!!!

I want these aprons!

Just hanging with the Prez.

I want these here at home.

The happiest place in the world.

Minnie & Mickey Apples!!!!!!

See you soon America!!!