These bars are one of the easiest things I’ve ever made. I haven’t had a Bounty Bar in a very long time, so I couldn’t remember what they tasted like before making these.. But they got the nod of approval from everyone at work!!

They only require three ingredients! What’s simpler then three ingredients?

You will need
3 cups shredded coconut
1 cup condensed milk
200 grams chocolate

Place the coconut and condensed milk in a bowl and mix together until coconut is completely covered.
Scoop out the mixture in 30 grams lots and mould into log shapes and place on a tray or plate lined with baking paper. It will be easy to mould the logs if your hands are slightly wet. So every few bars, wet your hands slightly. You should get about 18 logs from the mixture.
Place the tray/plate into the fridge to let the bars firm up. This should take about 30 minutes.
Melt your chocolate in the  microwave, in short bursts, stirring each time to prevent the chocolate from burning.
Drop the coconut bars into the chocolate and cover completely.
Place back on the baking paper lined tray and let the chocolate set.

I recommend not putting the bars in the fridge once the chocolate is on, as they coconut filling drys out very quickly. Store in an airtight container in a cool location.

I’m not sure how long these last, as I can honestly say they were devoured in less then one day! I’ll be sure to update this post when I make them again and test how long they last!