My mum is more of a fan of cookies then she is of cake.. So any excuse to make cookies for her is a good one. At least then I know they will get eaten! After the last cookie recipe I found at Sweet & Simple Bakes turned out to be amazing in her eyes, I thought these would be good to try as well…

Cranberry, Pecan & White Chocolate Cookies(More of Sweet & Simple Bake’s Recipes can be found here)
You Will Need…

Preheat your oven to 180 degrees celsius.
Line a cookie tray with baking paper.
Place the butter, sugars in a bowl.
Beat together until creamy.
Add the egg and vanilla essence.
Beat in the flour, salt, baking powder and oats.
Add the chocolate chips, pecans and cranberries and mix together with a wooden spoon.
When ingredients are combined, place tablespoon sized balls onto your prepared cookie tray, and flatten slightly.Cook for about 15 minutes until lightly golden brown. Leave them on the tray for 5 minutes to cool down, and then place on a cooling rack to cool completely.
You could eat them now if you wanted. It is still technically “the holiday season” mmmmm warm cookies.Place them in a air tight container and keep for about a week. (If you don’t eat them all before that)