Easter is fast approaching and I thought it might be fun to show some very simple and easy to make cupcakes!!

You will need
Your Favourite Cupcake Recipe
Your Favourite Icing Recipe – Tinted Green
Chocolate Easter Eggs
Novelty Easter Bunnies – available at Spotlight or other craft stores
Novelty Easter Chicks – available at Spotlight or other craft stores
 (or you could also use decorated sugar cookies to make everything edible)

Firstly bake your favourite cupcakes – I made vanilla. You could even make this carrot cake into cupcakes. Perfect for Easter!!
Tint some buttercream icing green, then spread an even layer over the tops to cover any cake showing through.

Then using a grass tip, pipe ‘grass’ onto your cupcakes. I didn’t have a grass tip, so I just used the smallest tip I had and swirled the green around to look like grass. 
Place your novelty Easter chicks and bunnies on top the cupcakes.