For the past few years my brother and I have hosted a Halloween party, which is always so much fun. We get to dress up and be a little bit silly.

More and more people in Australia are embracing Halloween, which I absolutely love! 

I’m going to a friend’s Halloween Party this year instead of hosting my own, and am busy trying to decide what to dress up like.. I’m thinking at the moment of dressing up like a unicorn.

I love all the Halloween treats that can be made, all the candy that comes out now and how it doesn’t have to be a ‘scary’ night and treats can be both cute and scary! 
Here’s some of my favourite Halloween Trick or Treats, or Tricky Treats, or just plain Cute Treats that I’ve seen lately.
  1. These witch hats double as tricks and treats! Hidden with sweets.
  2. The Coolest Pumpkin Cake from Make Fabulous Cakes
  3. Jack Skellington Marshmallow Pops from Crumbs and Corkscrews
  4. Ghost Cupcakes from Chocolate and Carrots
  5. Chocolate and Vanilla Mummy Cakes from Sugar and Charm
  6. Pumpkin Cupcakes that are delicious and topped with a Pumpkin Topper, oh so cute!

Are you in Australia and embracing Halloween this year? Tell us all about it!!