Just incase you didn’t already know…
Jamieanne from The Sweetest Kitchen was in the midst of deciding a winner for the December Coconut Cupcake Hero Challenge last week.

Over the weekend, she slaved away, making and baking my Coconut Rough cupcake and Sugar Plum’s Batica, so they could be put head to head in a Cupcake Hero Throwdown.

and…. I WON!! 🙂
It was a close call, with 3 out of 5 taste testers liking my cupcake the best.

So thankyou to those taste testers (especially that 3rd one!) and thankyou Jamieanne for picking me as the challenger! It really did brighten my day finding out I had won!!

Congratulations to Sugar Plum as well!! Your cakes look amazing, and when I have the time I will definately be giving them a try.