Tomorrow is International Coffee Day!

I love coffee. 

I remember when I was alot younger than I am now, I used to make coffees for my dad back on Sunday mornings, and heap many many teaspoons in until I thought it tasted perfect. 

Naturally, I progressed to making my own coffee but without quite as many sugars and then espresso martinis!

I once tried to order an iced coffee, and ended up getting an Irish Coffee. I’m not really complaining! Who doesn’t want a coffee spiked with whiskey at 10am in the morning.

Coffee goes well with so many things so I thought it would be nice to round up 10 delicious looking treats that included my favourite daily staple – COFFEE!
  1. This almond and coffee cake we made a little while ago.
  2. Mocha Self Saucing Pudding from
  3. Cream cheese coffee cake from Shugary Sweets.
  4. Chocolate glazed espresso cheesecake from Purewow.
  5. Coffee Meringues with mocha cream from
  6. Coffeehouse Coffee Cake Muffins from Chocolate Chocolate and More.
  7. Butterscotch Caramel Coffee from Living Locurto.
  8. Oatmeal Coffee Cake from Yummy Healthy Easy.
  9. Coffee Lovers Chocolate Cake Donuts from Baker by Nature.
  10. Vietnamese Coffee Iceypoles from