After my binge eating fest over the past few weeks (also known as “Christmas”) and now that work is back… I’ve been trying to eat less and eat slightly healthier. Don’t we all have these thoughts at this time of year?
With it being summer and constantly over 30 degrees, I dread the thought of eating things that have to be cooked on the stove, or put in the oven. Or anything that takes longer than 5 minutes.
I was experimenting with smoothies/juices that I could pre-make and take to work. I decided anything with banana was a no-go zone if it was going to sit in the fridge, and with Michael being intolerant to dairy, I also decided that I wanted to drink less milk based products (even if it was a non-dairy alternative). Anyway… I’m calling this a juice; because it’s pretty much just fruit blended together, with a little water, and doesn’t have the same texture as a smoothie.

You need:
2 Kiwi Fruit, cut into pieces – either peeled or unpeeled, your choice.
2 Medium Apples, cut into pieces
¼ cup frozen spinach
½ – 1 cup water
Paper Straw Optional
Place ½ cup water into your blender.
Add half the apples and blend until smooth.
Place the rest of the fruit and the spinach and blend until smooth.
At this point it might look a bit thick and undrinkable, so just add a touch more water if you need to.
Put into your favourite glass/jar/smoothie travel cup and enjoy!

Not all of my mixture fitted into my jar, so I made some cute icy-poles from the leftover mixture. It doesn’t really LOOK the best colour… But I promise it’s delish!