These marshmallow pops remind me of when we used to go camping as kids. We would roast our marshmallows, and then dip them in the chocolate. It was so much fun, and tasted so good.

Sadly this time, I made them without the camp fire, and didn’t take my time in finding the perfect marshmallow roasting stick.

Chocolate and marshmallow is always a winning combination.

This is how you can make them…..
You Will Need

1) As many marshmallows as you want to make into marshmallow pops.
2) Lollipop sticks – one for each marshmallow. I found mine here.
3) Sprinkles, or m&ms, or choc chip bits. Any type of candy/lolly you want to decorate them with. Or you can just leave them “blank.”
4) A piece of styrofoam to put the lollipops into, while the chocolate hardens.
5) Melted Chocolate – for dipping the marshmallows into.

First, put your lollipop stick into a marshmallow. Marshmallows are sticky on the inside, so you won’t need to dip the sticks in the chocolate first. They should stay in the marshmallow quite fine. You then need to put your marshmallows into your piece of styrofoam, so when it comes time to drying, it will be alot easier.

Dip the marshmallow stick into the bowl of chocolate. You can either cover it completely, or just a bit.

Make sure you tap it quite a bit to get all the excess chocolate off, otherwise it will drip down the marshmallow..
Then dip it into your choice of decoration, and place it back into the piece of stryrofoam to dry.