My true love gave to me…

A Santa Cupcake Topper
This is how you can make a Santa face out of fondant.

You Will Need…
1 ball of red fondant
1 ball of white fondant
1 ball of ‘skin coloured’ fondant
1 circle cutter – medium
1 circle cutter – small (not pictured)
1 flower cutter – medium
1 triangle cutter – medium (also not pictured)
1 edible black marker
1 piping nozzle with a small tip.
Using the medium circle cutter, cut out a circle of the ‘skin’ fondant.
Cut out a triangle of the red.
Attach the red triangle to the circle using a little water, and bend slightly at the top.
Roll a ball of skin colour and attach with a little water for his nose.
Cut out a flower of white, and using the small circle cutter, cut out a circle in between 2 of the petals.
Attach to the face with a little water.Cut out 3 small circles using the piping tip.Attach one circle with a little water to the tip of the hat.
Attach the other 2 circles, either side of his nose where eyes should be.
Roll out a small sausage of white.Attach to the brim of his hat.You can draw on his eyes and mouth here if you want a baby faced Santa who hasn’t quite grown a moustache yet.Or… Roll out 2 small sausage shapes from the white.Attach with a little water underneath his nose.