My true love gave to me…

A Rudolph Cupcake Topper
This is how you can make one.

You Will Need.. 1 small ball of red (for his nose)1 ball of light brown
1 ball of dark brown
1 black edible marker
1 oval shaped cutterCut an oval shape out of the dark brown.Press in the sides to form a heart shape at the top.
(This is the top of his head – it is also the back)Roll out 2 sausage shapes from the light brown, and fold each in half.Using a little water, attach to the dark brown.Turn over, and roll a small amount of light brown for his mouth area. Attach with a little water.Attach his red nose with a little water.
Draw on his eyes and mouth. Mine could be mistaken for a girl with the long eyelashes. So maybe this is Rudolphina, Rudoph’s sister..