My true love gave to me….
A Christmas Elf Cupcake Topper.
This is how you can make an elf out of fondant.
You Will Need…
1 small ball of skin colour.
1 small ball of green. (for his hat, so it can be any colour you want)
1 smaller ball of white.
1 black edible marker
1 triangle cutter
1 circle cutter
Cut out a circle of ‘skin’ colour, and a triangle of green.
Shape the circle gently with your fingers, so it has a pointed chin.
Shape the triangle gently, so it is curved at the top.
Roll out your white, and cut a small circle. (I used the tip of a piping nozzle)
Roll the remainder of the white into a long sausage shape (as long as the triangle base)
Using a little bit of water, attach the small circle to the tip of the hat, and the sausage to the base of the triangle.
Roll two small sausage shapes from the pink, and flatten them slightly.
Attach the ears to the sides of his head.
Make a nose from some left over pink, and attach with some water.
Draw on his face, however you think an Elf would look. (I’m not the best when it comes to the drawing part..)