My true love gave to me…

An Angel Cupcake Topper.

Even though I’m not the youngest in my family, I am the only girl.. So every year, I get to put the angel on the top of the Christmas Tree. I made some Angel toppers to go on some Christmas themed cupcakes.

You Will Need…
1 small ball of yellow (this is for her hair, so have whatever colour you want)
1 small ball of skin colour
1 larger ball of white
1 black edible marker
1 triangle cutter
1 heart cutter
1 circle cutter
1 piping nozzle
Roll out the white, and cut out 1 triangle, and 1 heart.
Re roll the left over white, and cut out another triangle. (I did this second because I didn’t know if I had enough white left, and it isn’t essential that this triangle is a full triangle)
Using a bit of water, attach the triangles together.
Cut the heart in half.
Flip the triangles over, and attach the cut heart with a little water to the back of the ‘angel’s dress’
Roll out the ‘skin colour’, and cut out a circle – for her face.
Attach with a little water between the wings.
Using a little left over skin, create little balls for her hands.
Cut out a half circle for her hair, and attach both with a little water.
Then draw on her face.
I used some gold edible paint I found here for her hair, and some silver luster dust for her wings.