I was making pizza scrolls the other day and thought it might be nice to make some dessert pizza…
It was an experiment, but the verdict was in – and it was good.

If you want to make a dessert pizza here’s what you need..
1 Cup Self Raising Flour
1 Tablespoon Caster Sugar
15 Grams Butter
90 ML Milk

Your choice of toppings (we used: left over dulche de leche, chocolate ganache, strawberry jam, mini marshmallows, choc chips, crushed peanuts.)

and here’s the printable
Knead dough on a floured surface
Roll out onto a baking paper lined tray. I’m not good at circles!
Spread your favourite topping over the base of the pizza. We used 1/4 strawberry jam, 1/4 dulche de leche, 1/2 chocolate ganache.
Dulche de leche on the left, chocolate ganache on the right.
Sprinkle your extra toppings over your bases. We used choc chips, mini marshmallows, crushed peanuts etc.
Chocolate ganache & mini marshmallows.
Dulche de leche, sea salt and chocolate chips.
Chocolate ganache, crushed peanuts and chocolate chips.
Strawberry Jam and chocolate chips. (I like chocolate chips!!)
Once you’ve put all your toppings on, place it in the oven on 200 degrees celsius.
Cook it for about 20-25 minutes. It’s ok if some leaks off the sides.
You can see here that the mini marshmallows completely melted. They ended up being a bit crunchy. I’ll have to rethink that quarter next time.
Cut into slices and serve.
My favourite was the strawberry jam and chocolate chips. It tasted like one big scone!!