Want to make these leprechaun faces for St Patricks Day.
Follow these simple instructions!!
You Will Need…
Light Green, Dark Green, Orange, Skin, Yellow & Black balls of fondant.

Square, rectangle, mini flower, mini heart, circle cutters & black edible marker.
Cut out a circle from the skin (this will be his face)
Attach a nose with a little water
Cut the same size circle from the orange, and a small flower.
Cut the small flower in half, and carefully cut a scalloped edge around the circle. (this will be his hair and beard)
Attach with a little water.
Cut out a square and a rectangle from the light green.
Cut the rectangle in half, and a little bit off the edge of the square. (you don’t need to keep those extra bits)
Place half a rectangle over the bigger bit of the square to form a hat.
Cut out 3 small hearts from the dark green, and roll a sausage shape.
Attach the sausage shape to the hat first, and then the hearts positioned like so over the sausage shape. (this will be the clover)
Roll out a thin piece of black, and attach to the edge of the hat. Place a little square of yellow over the black.
Attach the hat to the top of the head.
Use the black marker to draw on some eyes, a mouth and a little black square within the yellow.