Want to make these pot of gold toppers?

You Will Need…

Black fondant, yellow fondant.

Circle & rectangle cutters. Small round cutter (I used the end of a piping tip). Gold Shimmer Dust (optional)

Cut out a circle of black.
Cut a rectangle of black, and then cut the rectangle in half long ways.
Roll 2 small sausage shapes.
Attach the 2 small sausage shapes to the bottom of the circle with a little water.
Cut out 6 or 7 small circles of the yellow.
Attach 3 of the yellow circles to the top of the black circle with a little water.
Put the black rectangle over half the yellow circles and the black circle, creating the “lip” of the pot.
Attach the remaining yellow circles with a little water to create a “mound of gold”
Brush yellow circles with gold dust.