I was sent some vanilla pods from Carly at Vanilla Queen a little while back, and have been slowly using them up in various recipes. 

This almond milk custard is made with only 4 ingredients and is so so simple!!

All you need is almond milk, arrowroot flour, maple syrup and vanilla beans. 
You could omit the maple syrup if you wanted and it would only be 3 simple ingredients!!

It’s vegan, dairy free, egg free and gluten free. If you needed it to be nut free you could also use a different type of milk like oat, or rice.

It’s also delicious! What more do you need to know? Go make it now!

2 Cups almond milk
2 tablespoons maple syrup
Half a vanilla pod. Seeds and pod.
2 tablespoons arrowroot flour (mixed with a little water to create a paste)

Scrape the seeds out of the pod, and place the seed and pod into the milk with the maple syrup.
Heat the milk mixture until almost boiling.
Mix together the arrowroot flour with a little water to create a paste. This will help to keep any clumps forming when you mix it into the heated milk.
Mix the arrowroot mixture into the milk until the mixture thickens.
Remove from heat, the mixture will thicken slightly more as it cools.
Serve with your favourite desserts, fruit or eat on it’s own.