Everytime the Winter Olympics are on, my brother and I talk about how we should make an Australian Olympic Curling Team.. neither of us have ever curled.. and we live on the West Coast of Australia… where we never see snow and I think we only have a handful of ice rinks (if any)! But, one day, we’ll be on the Australian Curling Team. 

Incase you don’t know what curling is, here’s an infographic I found on Mashable.

And here are some sweet Olympic themed desserts/treats I found to get you into the Olympic Spirit! 

1. Olympic Torch Cupcakes are a great idea! Who wouldn’t love running into the room with these. Found on Hoosier Homemade.
2. A snowflake garland found on Oh Happy Day. Create this and make it feel like you’re in Sochi in the snow.
3. Cookie Gold Medals by That Cute Little Cake. You can see how she made them here.