This is something quick and easy to make. Kids will love them. Fill them with any kind of treat for a nice surprise!

You Will Need…

I used chocolate wheaten biscuits, one side covered in chocolate. You can use any round biscuit you want!
You could also use fruit roll-ups instead of the sour straps. Anything that will be easy to place around the base of the ice cream cone.
200 grams was enough to cover 6 biscuits and ice cream cones, as well as 3 mini ice cream cones and 3 oreos.You can melt your chocolate over a double boiler on the stove, by placing a bowl over a pot of water, making sure the bowl does not touch the water inside the pot.
You can also melt it in 20 second intervals in the microwave, stirring after each 20 seconds.

Place your biscuit – non pre chocolated side down – into the melted chocolate. Place them onto a baking paper lined tray (for easy clean up) while you make the tops of the hats.
Put your ice cream cone into the chocolate, and coat completely. Let any excess chocolate drip off.
If you want to add any nice surprises to the inside of your cone, now is the time. You can put anything inside them.. ice-cream, lollies, chocolates, spiders…
Place the cone onto the chocolate covered biscuit, and wrap you pre cut sour straps around the base. Using the mini m&m, hide the join where the 2 ends meet.

Leave to set either in the fridge. They will set on the bench, the fridge will just quicken the process.
Remember if there is ice-cream inside the cones, they will need to be placed in the freezer!!
If there is a cream based filling, they will need to be properly refrigerated!Don’t limit these to witches hats. You could easily make wizard hats, or even christmas trees for christmas..

If you want to make mini ones, I used oreos (seperated) and mini ice cream cones. Following the same instructions above. To colour your chocolate, make sure you use a powder colour, as any liquid colours will make the chocolate seize.