As you may or may not already know.. My cupcake hero prizes arrived last week!!!
I was so excited to get home and see a parcel sitting at the front door – addressed to me!!

Here’s what I got. Thanks again CB! (And of course the very talented people who amazingly made everything that I received!!)
The following is a re-enactment…. 🙂
A parcel? Who could that be from?
Why it’s from CB of IHEARTCUPPYCAKES!! It must be my prizes!! EEEEEEEEEeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

Quick make room on the bench!

Mmmmmmm smells like chocolate. ooohhh an oven mitt!!

ooohhhh TWO oven mitts!! SO cute. You can get one here.

How cute is this!! I always need note paper to jot down thoughts/measurments. You can find them here.

Whatever could be wrapped up in this tissue paper?

TEA TOWELS!!! Now I don’t need to use mums. Or worry about brothers using them as mops. YAY! AND they’re Christmas olours! Amazing!! Made by this very talented person.

How CUTE is this!! My Ipod definately needed a cover. I normally just throw it back into my bag.. But now my ipod is definately happier and a lot less scratched. Get them here.

Lipbalm. Chocolate and Buttercream. YUM!!
(This is what made the entire bag smell like chocolate) Amazing!!! Buy some here.

Don’t these look good enough to eat. Too bad you can’t eat them! They’re MAGNETS!!!

I love the cute cupcake cases the one on the right is in! It has frogs and says “kiss me.” Too Cute. 
Obama definately agrees that cupcakes are the way to go. Get some cuteness for your fridge here.
This box intrigued me. So I of course saved it for last!
Aren’t they just the best!!! Check them out here. I love the rings they have!
I was all ready to pack up and throw out the tissue paper, when I saw this.. A note? For me?
A cute little note from CB, thanking ME for entering cupcake hero. CB you’re the one who needs thanking.
And thankyou sponsors!!